Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Those Gamestop guys are good

I stopped into Gamestop today to trade in a couple of games and reserve Lost Planet, and somehow walked out of there with a pre-order for Halo 3, which doesn't come out until November. Why did I do that? Did I want to help out the fumbling, obviously inexperienced clerk who was helping me out in full view of his overbearing, bluetooth-earpiece-wearing manager? Was I transfixed by the 60 GB PlayStation 3 units sitting on the floor behind the desk? Hard to say.

In other non-review news -- because I don't have anything in the paper this week, but I need to maintain my one post a week quota, dammit -- I actually did own a PS3 for about three hours last Friday. I spent four hours refreshing the Amazon page until the order button appeared, and reflexively hit the one-click button. After a few hours of deliberation, I realized that $600 isn't worth it right now for a system that has no games I want to play. So, you know. I've got principles. Also, my apartment doesn't have a buzzer and I didn't know how I'd be able to take delivery.


Johnson said...

60G PS3s at Gamestop, you say? Give me a holler if you spy any Wii. I haven't been actively looking, but I'd given up on getting one until March.

Johnson said...

Also -- isn't that what getting stuff delivered at work is for, aside from making your co-workers jealous?

Mitch said...

Still no Wiis. In fact, while I was there somebody asked about Wiis and received a derisive snort in responsive. You can add this to the pile of anecdotes about unsold PS3s and unavailable Wiis.

I'm not sure if I could have gotten it delivered to work. It depends whether UPS or FedEx was tasked with delivering it. Either way, it's the wrong time for a PS3.