Friday, February 22, 2008

The best ending sequence in game history

For my money, it's this:

There's so much to love: the way the Hyper Beam causes Mother Brain's head to snap back, the option of saving your allies, and, of course, the last Metroid's noble sacrifice. If there's a better example of in-game storytelling out there, I don't know what it is.


Anonymous said...

For sure it's Metal Gear Solid 3. Though simple, I don't think any other game has done as much to involve you, the player, in the narrative as much as the certain near-end scene in MGS3 does.

Mitch Krpata said...

I really need to finish that game one of these days.

Reggie Donovan said...

Um Portal hello?

Anonymous said...

I agree that Super Metroid has a great ending, but why did that person even record that? He didn't even do that well.

Some things to point out: When the Mother Brain uses her hyper eyeball beam on you, you can stand up and start shooting again. You don't have to just sit there and wait for it. (Though the outcome is the same.)

When escaping the time bomb, after going left and falling down from the Mother Brain fight, go all the way to the bottom and run as fast as you can to the right, then jump up with the super jump thingy and you'll break through the ceiling/floor just in front of the door.

In the next room, when climing up the smaller platforms with all the space pirates around, use the Space Jump! The screw attack will kill any pirates you run into and the space jump will make it so you don't have to worry about landing on platforms.

If you beat the game under 3 hours you get the best ending. You get to see what Samus looks like outside of her suit.

Also, in the high 90 percentile of item collection is impressive.

Not 5:30 hours at only 70%.

@r.j.o. stewart: Portal is a great game, but in my opinion the ending was not very good. The fight with GladOS was lame and then afterward you're left wondering what the heck just happened.