Thursday, November 09, 2006

Downloading Contra was a mistake

Eventually I will learn my lesson and stop getting suckered in to these Xbox Live Arcade games. I can live with their version of Contra not resembling the NES game I know and love so well. I understand that it was an arcade game first. But what I can't live with is not being able to customize the controls. On the 360 pad, I want A to be jump and X to be shoot. A is jump, all right, but they force me to use the B button to shoot. I can't imagine anything more awkward -- that's exactly the opposite of the way the human thumb is designed. And you can't change it!


Edit: My mistake, A is shoot and B is jump. That's even worse.


avixe said...

Aah! That's the same problem as with Mega Man Collection and Mega Man X Collection on the Cube: the controls are all screwy, and can't be remapped.

This is essential stuff for ports, people! Get the original controls right, and provide for remapping.

Johnson said...

Here's my $64k question: Is it broadband-multiplayer? The one big dream I've had for the Wii is that my brother and I can play Contra together on the VC miles away from each other. If XBL is, that speaks much for the Wii VC port.

In fact, I've heard nothing about interactions of the VC and the broadband connection. Have you?