Friday, November 17, 2006

Best Buy to consumers: "Psych!"

As if Sony weren't doing their best to blow the PlayStation 3 launch, Best Buy has decided to get in on the plebe-screwing fun. Their Landmark Center location was supposed to open last night at midnight. People were lined up on Wednesday, and when I stopped by yesterday morning the hundred or so folks massed out front were being told that the "official" line couldn't form at noon. Company policy, you know.

So some people left, intending to come back for the free-for-all at noon. The store, though, decided simply to sell rain checks to everyone in line so they wouldn't be outside all day, screwing several faithful line-waiters.

And then, the coup de grace: police sent everybody home, because the store didn't have a permit to be open so late.

If there was one saving grace for Boston folks, it was that the Landmark Best Buy reportedly received 140 units, far more than most stores are apparently getting. Let's see, 140 PS3s times $1400 profit per unit on eBay...

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