Thursday, March 08, 2007

Free online play is great and all

I've been going online with MotorStorm, and I have to say it's pretty fun (review coming next week). But in the vein of my last post on the subject, I just don't know what the architects were thinking in some cases. For instance, you have to accept the online agreement every single time you sign in. Not just the first time you go online with your PS3, or the first time you play MotorStorm, but literally every time you sign in. That's retarded.

The stupid thing about it is that you can't just pick an option to get into a game as quickly as possible. You have to pick a server at random, and then pick a game at random, and then sit in the lobby until the current race finishes. You can't watch the race in progress or pass the time except by looking at the list of players. Or by writing a blog post.

The last thing that's irritating me is that, despite my five-day headstart on most of these people, many of them are already much, much better than I am. At least I won my first race.

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