Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What's this? A Guitar Hero post?

I'm not sure which is weirder: That I'm in the top 20% on the Guitar Hero II leaderboards, or that the points differential between me and the first place person is 1.4 billion. Yep, my total score is pushing 7,000,000, and the top person is currently at over 2,100,000,000. How is that even possible? That's not a rhetorical question. I want someone to explain to me how it's possible to score that many points. If you play Free Bird on expert mode and score 100% with diligent use of star power, is it worth 50 million?


Mike said...

Wait, there are worldwide leader boards? That's it, I'm buying it ASAP.

Tyler said...

h4x obv.

Mitch Krpata said...

And there are over 400,000 people on them! If I can rank 79,000, you ought to be in the top 10,000, Johnson.

Reggie Donovan said...

Is this an aggregate career score? If you play enough, I would think it's not inconceivable to approach that.

Figure I consider myself to be "average to good" at it, and I probably average about 2-300,000 points per song. At that rate, 3-5 songs would be a million, so a 5 million evening of shredding wouldn't be too difficult to achieve.

Wait, that still wouldn't even get you close after three weeks at that rate.

Mitch Krpata said...

Yeah, it's the sum of your highest score on each song across all skill levels. So considering that there are, what, 48 songs that count, that's an average of 43 million points per song. That just can't be.

Now I'm wondering if I counted wrong and it was 210 million. But I swear I double-checked.