Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Winter games preview

Above: My most-anticipated winter game, pretty much by default.

During all the excitement of shoveling snow for three straight days last week, I plum forgot that my winter games preview was going up at thephoenix.com.

Weak slate this year, even as these things go, but it was a fun piece to write for precisely that reason. I have no special insight into any of the games that are coming out, and I'm tired of always giving everything the benefit of the doubt in previews, so instead I decided to go negative. Massively negative. Every entry explores the ways in which the games could fail, even for games I am legitimately looking forward to.

Looks like it worked, since the one commenter on the piece so far called me a massive tool. But I was hurt that he called what I do "mainstream videogame journalism." Only one of those words is accurate.

Happy new year, everyone!


Dave said...

These are actually very good previews, and I don't think you went way negative. You avoided snarkiness and pettiness, and just told us what to expect.

Frankly I'd like more previews like this.

Nels Anderson said...

Meeeeoooow! Guess you're not getting a review copy of Conduit 2, eh? ;)

Mitch Krpata said...

I'm still angry about not getting a copy of the first one. I will not be ignored!

franconbean said...

I do hope that Dead Space 2 Delivers.