Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Won't find me in the Club

My review of The Club is up now. I'm tempted to say it's not a bad idea for a game, except I couldn't really tell you how they could have made it better, so maybe the idea was the problem after all.

One thing that confused me about this game was the sometimes contradictory feedback you get. For example, much of the environment is destructible, which is neat visually. But with the exception of numerous exploding blue barrels (of course) scattered everywhere, none of it can be used to kill your opponents. And since you're scored partly on accuracy at the end of the level, taking advantage of this feature is detrimental. So why is it there?

(I suppose it's possible that you aren't docked for shooting interactive items, but that's a better excuse for why I usually scored around 20% accuracy.)

Still, The Club isn't a poorly made game at all. I just think its appeal lies wholly for Skill Players, and I do not count myself among them. Could still be worth a rental if you consider yourself that type of gamer.

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Daniel Purvis said...

I'm currently reviewing The Club myself. At first, I liked it. You know, the first three or so levels when it was SIMPLE, like the Virtua Cop lightgun games. However, it quickly progressed into frustratingly difficult and complex towards the later levels. Too many different paths to take, too many enemies, not enough ammunition (if you're a terrible shot like I am).

I liked it. Rather, I liked it. Then the idea got old and after the first two hours, I lost most of my interest.