Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Video games: The Twitter timeline

FontaineintheMembrane Free plasmids in Fort Frolic tonite only!!! would u kindly retweet
2 years ago from web

FrankWestPhoto.com http://www.twitpic.com/bhsj3gh #zombies
3 years ago from TweetDeck

InTheNavi @HyperLink HEY! LISTEN!
11 years ago from txt

GetYrGordOn 1) got to office late 2) triggered resonance cascade 3) hev suit is chappin mah nutz #workfail
11 years ago from web

samusiteverwas Killed mom brain. All good. OMG SELF-DESTRUCT WTF?!?!
15 years ago from TwitterFox

OhNoGoGo RT @Locke @Sabin @Terra @Edgar @Celes @Terra @Cyan @Umaro @Gau @Strago @Mog @Relm @Setzer http://www.ultima.com
15 years ago from TweetDeck

b4d_d00d Out with @striker 4 a burger. @RonniePrez is buyin haha
21 years ago from HootSuite

BillofMights Destroyed vile Red Falcon & saved universe. Consider myself a hero. @Lance-a-lot no help.
20 years ago from web

MoltoMario got stood up again... at what point should u finally accept that someone is leading u on...
23 years ago from txt


Tyler said...

@gthreepwood you fight like a dairy farmer

Dave said...

@just1turret I seeeeEEE you!

JPLC said...

@Raiden I NEED SCISSORS! 61!

Mitch Krpata said...


gthreepwood @govmarley hey did u get my texts


SolidTrouserSnake @Raiden u no what fuck a 140 char limit. i am just gonna email u.

Dave, I can't even come up with a GLaDOS tweet that doesn't make me ashamed of myself. I protrate myself in front of Erik Wolpaw.

Cyranix said...

FrancisDude ZOMG @LtWilliam is snoring, would rather sleep next to boomer! #hate

TheIncredibleRaz just started using remember the milk, great app, will recommend to @bigboyd

YordaManNowDog Once again, I suggest @hornyhelmet; rarely tweets, but he's a swell guy. #followfriday

Alex Denham said...

This is genius, I can't think of any as funny as these.. what a let down.

defcon said...

Ooh, am I too late to try?

macattack @DocUOut sry doc tried 2 explain 2 cops u didnt steal it. hope u wake up soon
22 years ago from txt