Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday afternoon tidbits

Because I didn't learn my lesson last time, I'm going hiking again this weekend. Presumably there will be no waist-deep snow to wade through at this time of year, unlike the last time. If I don't come back, tell them I was cool.

-Duncan Fyfe's farewell tour at Hit Self-Destruct (which is total bullshit, by the way) includes a penetrating look at the state of games journalism. His conclusion: It's much better than it was, but there's always something tragic about growing up. No one really sees working for a game magazine as akin to landing a job in the Wonka factory anymore. That makes for better writing. Isn't it also a little sad?

Duncan talked to a few excellent writers for this piece: Simon Parkin, Kieron Gillen, Nick Breckon, and Chris Remo. I'm in there too, for some reason. When Duncan first asked me about my career high points, I wouldn't have expected that one of them would be seeing myself mentioned in the same breath as those guys.

-The announcement of the Rock Band Network is further evidence that Harmonix isn't just fumbling around in the dark. Rather than forcing people to use in-game samples, they're giving musicians the tools to import their actual music into the game. Kirk Hamilton has a good take on what this means from the musician's perspective. You have to wonder how they'll handle the inevitable flood of submissions. Good problem to have, I suppose.

-The latest edition of the Brainy Gamer podcast features an interview with Clint Hocking, plus a round-table discussion about game design with Hocking, Manveer Heir, and Borut Pfeifer. All three guests have some terrific insights into game design, which comes as no surprise. It's great to hear the perspective of the people who make the games. That's something the broader public -- myself included -- doesn't make enough of an effort to do.

-More reasons never to have kids, from Julian Murdoch at Gamers with Jobs. What I mean by that is: I can't risk somebody melting the ice around my heart!

-Anybody notice that PixelVixen707 hasn't posted since the book came out? Guess the marketing budget's tapped.


Nels Anderson said...

The old Vix' did write a SuicideGirls column about two weeks ago. Whether that will continue is still to be seen, I guess.

I got a free copy of the book but haven't taken a look at it yet. I wonder if something happens to "Rachel" in the book that would necessitate such silence.

Mitch Krpata said...

I got a free copy of the book


Ben Abraham said...

I've heard the word, and the word is "finished".

Kirk Battle said...

It's kind of a downer after participating with that blog for so many months to find out that it was just a commercial all along. Had a few nice exchanges with that team over Twitter and whatnot, but I guess they've got other things to do.

Nathan Grayson said...

Show's officially over, folks. Move along:

Real shame to see him/her/them go, too. One of the few brainy bloggers with a style that wasn't Sahara-dry.

Simon Ferrari said...

Suppose it's as good a lesson as most males could ever get on what it feels like to be subject to predatory behavior.

I know I think this stuff is immoral (treats human beings as a means to an end, basic Kant), but I don't know what I think about whether it should be legal or not.