Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rock Band: $11,000,000 and counting

Let's do some math, shall we? Everybody likes math.

Game|Life reports that Rock Band has now totaled six million digital downloads.

You can buy individual songs for $1.99, or three-song packs at slight per-song discount, $5.49 (using the PlayStation Store numbers here, although I believe Microsoft Points price out about the same).

Assuming that every downloaded song was purchased as part of a pack (not a safe assumption at all), that's two million purchases at $5.49 per purchase.

2,000,000 x 5.49 = $10,980,000

Now factor in any number of single-song downloads for $1.99 and Rock Band has easily topped eleven million dollars in online revenue alone. That doesn't count revenue for the $170 bundle, or any of the recently-released peripherals.

This thing is a runaway train. And the new in-game store is only going to grease the tracks further.

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Anonymous said...

The new store is just what the game was missing - although I had kind of assumed that would be included when the games shipped. When I realized I had to drop back out to the Live blades, I was pretty disappointed (the Marketplace needs an upgrade almost as badly as the PSN store - those huge lists of content are a freaking pain). Now if only they had made drum pads that don't wake the neighbors when you hit them....