Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Review: The Bourne Conspiracy

My review of The Bourne Conspiracy is up now at

I've noticed in the past that I seem to have a tendency to go easier on games that actually suck, while I savage games that are just mediocre -- which is the case here. It's not a badly made game. But it's repetitive, and pretty much blows its wad right away. The fighting never gets more interesting than the first time you do it. For some reason, enemies can use weapons against Bourne, but unless it's a contextual "takedown," Bourne can't reciprocate. That's annoying. But it is cool to watch, and there's a good chance that some people would enjoy this game more than I did.


Matthew Gallant said...

I'm curious, why the jab at Stranglehold? It was pretty solid for a movie tie-in, and (from my impressions of the demo) it was actually quite entertaining in an over-the-top B movie way.

Also, welcome back :P

Mitch Krpata said...

I just thought Stranglehold was pretty weak, too. (Review here.) It was great fun for about two hours, and then got repetitive and dull.

But again, that may have been a case where I came down hard on a game that was simply mediocre.

Anonymous said...

I thought "The Bourne Conspiracy" was garbage. The fighting was decent for about 2 seconds, but around the time I got to the gunplay, I gave up on the title.