Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Gamestop.com User-Submitted Previews: Modern Warfare 2

Above: This week's best game ever made.

With only one week to go until the release of Modern Warfare 2, many charming folks are clamoring to join the fight against grenade spam. They've gathered on the MW2 "user buzz page" on Gamestop.com, where comments generally fall into four categories.

1) Sales Potential

Anyone who doesn't reserve is going to have to wait a couple weeks to buy it because this game is going to be sold out! There are going to be people fighting over this game.
Call of Duty MW 2 will be a big hit mostly half of u.s will potentalliy buy it and i also will look forward to it
king balla:
over half the world is probably gona buy this.
2) Quality Assurance

This game is gonna be 10 times better than COD 4 and 100 times better than COD 5.
Theres no way this game will not be GAME OF THE YEAR!!!
P.J The beast:
COD: MW2 is the best firts person shooter of the century.
This is going to be the best shooter 2 date.
Kilr Stud:
There is a very good chance that this will be the best game ever.
Personally, I think this is going to be the greatest game ever created for any game console.
This will be the best game ever created.
RE fan!:
this an 11 outa 10 game without a doubt
3) Sickness Quotient

This game however looks sicker than anything I have ever seen.
The graphics look sick and the gameplay looks sick. Everything about this game will be sick
king balla:
man this game looks siiiiiiiiiik.
4) Cries for Help

you can say i'm preety much pumped for it and you can be sure i'm picking it up at midnight and playing it for about 3 months straight without sleep even tho it is impossible i'll still try to attempt it!!!
A Customer:
im not going to get it right away not sure why i think im going to get borderlands first. o and to answer friar's question operation flashpoint: dragon rising blew cod 4 out of the water o and next time dont sound like a 3rd grader when righting your preview thing.
Dawn of war fan:
This game is going to be infested with little kids. Oh god i seriously mean it. I wont be able to enjoy this game because of all the little children bantering about nothing. Talking everyone ears off.
I'm just afraid that it will be too over hyped and not deliver on the expectations that the hype and ads are making it out to be. I'm praying i'm wrong and it blows everyones minds and is the best selling game of all time, but if i were Infinity Ward i'd be shaking in my shoes right now in fear. Who ever reads this pray with me that i'm wrong. Just pray.


Gary A. Lucero said...

I liked COD 4 and will rent MW 2 but I am definitely not the demographic this game is aimed at.

I am a tourist of action games and enjoy them immensely but my Gamestop user review for Dragon Age Origins would be "suck m'f'ing rpg gonna blow final fant xiii and demon souls and every other rpg ever made!!! at least 3/4 of world will buy omg!".

Gary A. Lucero said...

Sorry, that would be "sick m'f'ing".

Michael said...

Yo Mitch, I know you've been saying good things about Borderlands and all and Imma let you finish, but Call of Duty MW2 is the best game ever!


Apolo Imagod said...

LOL!!! I love this one "... next time dont sound like a 3rd grader when righting your preview thing." :-P

Tim Mackie said...

Who says the Internet isn't making us dumber?

Seriously, though, I got a huge kick out of this. I haven't laughed that hard in quite some time.

Quiche Poireau said...

good ones you have been fishing again Mitch.
I wonder if people didn't took this video a bit too serioulsy :D


duno if you watch it, but the guys form mega64.com