Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boomshakalaka etc.

With about 30 triple-A games coming out this week and next, I imagine the thing you want to read most about right now is a review of NBA Jam for the Wii. Not exactly the most penetrating criticism you'll ever read, the review can be boiled down to one message: the price is too damn high.

When I expressed interest in playing the new NBA Jam, somehow it escaped me that it would come on a disc. I assumed it was a download. And even when I had it in my hands, it didn't occur to me for a couple of hours to check how much it cost. Fifty dollars! Good gravy.

Granted, I paid zero dollars for this game, so I can't say I had anything but a good time. And usually I strive to separate a game's cost from its true worth. But I'd be surprised to find that anybody thought this thing was priced right.


Chris Stone said...

Hi Mitch, love the blog and your reivews in the Phoenix. I also paid zero dollars for NBA Jam, and my thoughts were similar to yours ( ).

And you're right, it's difficult to lay any interesting critcism on a game like this, but I think it at least gets us thinking about how publishers shouldn't charge for a semi-lazy, rehashed verision of an old title (especially, without any sensible gameplay refinement). I often hate having 'the price arguement', but NBA Jam's release certain merits it.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

Jacob Clark said...

I totally agree with you on this one. 50 bucks is a lot of money to ask gamers for with a game with no online play at all. The controls really disappointed me as well unless you had the classic controller which made it easier. Other than those flaws the game still was enjoyable and fun.

Hope to hear more from you. Singing out, Jacob