Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving thanks

Above: I'm not above recycling a Thanksgiving image.

Often, I see people lamenting the lack of good games criticism. I do this myself sometimes. But really, the state of things is better than it's ever been, so long as you know where to look. On Thanksgiving last year, I took a time out to pay tribute to the many terrific games blogs that I read. This year, that list is longer, and once again it's worth giving a shout out to the great work so many people are doing. Below is a list of all the game-related blogs I'm subscribed to. Some are dormant, some maybe extinct, but all have justified their inclusion in my reader. If you see some unfamiliar ones in here, please check them out. You'll probably like what you find.

Thanks to all of the following blogs, podcasts, and miscellaneous sites:
Happy Thanksgiving!


SVGL said...

Damn you, Mitch. I don't know every one of these blogs, and now I'm gonna have to check them out, and probably get into them, and probably spend more time reading games blogs than I want to.

Then I might even have to add some to SVGL's blogroll, which I've been obsessed with keeping tidy and short, and in which you appear because I love your writing, so thanks for including me in your list, too.

Anyway, when that blogroll gets all long and cluttered, it statistically reduces the chances that visitors to my site will click on yours in that list. You see what you've done, haven't you? You've only hurt yourself, here.

(Happy thanksgiving!!)

Matthew Gallant said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mitch, it's rather agreeable sharing this little corner of the Internet with you.

samuel ryan said...

Happy Thanksgiving - it just hurts that Hit Self-Destruct is right below my idiotic blog. That was a reality check I didn't need.

Ed Borden said...

Thanks for the mention, Mitch! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Duncan said...

I call this the very definition of bittersweet

Sinan Kubba said...

I'm honored, flattered and a bit embarrassed about my humble blog and podcast being included alongside such great sites. Many thanks Mitch and a happy Thanksgiving to you!

Rich Clark said...

Wow, I'm honored as well. Thanks so much, and I am continuing to really enjoy your blog.

CrashTranslation said...

Heh, that's a mighty nice list to be a part of. Thanks.

I promise my blog is not dead, merely resting... In other words I'm spending too much time playing games to write about them... Shameful I know.