Thursday, November 05, 2009

No rest for the wicked awesome

My review of Borderlands is up now at As you've ascertained by now, I really liked this game. I can't seem to stop playing it. I have vague memories of grumbling my way through the first few hours, making mental notes of everything to complain about. Not that there's nothing to complain about -- is that ever the case? But this game gives so much and asks so little in return that it'd feel tacky to run down a list of problems.

Actually, here's one major complaint: I haven't reached level 50 yet. Damn you, Gearbox!


Michael said...

Nice review of Borderlands, I completely agree with everything you said. The few complaints that I have mimic yours.

-"Clunky" inventory. Really, they couldn't come up with a better scheme and controls? I'm at level 16 and I still haven't figured out which tab corresponds to gear, attributes, quests, etc. That, and I keep trying to scroll the right panel with the right stick instead of the triggers.

-Thin, disparate plot. Having only played it single player, the light clicked on when you said this is an asset for co-op. Anyone need a level 16 siren for their group?

Overall, this game is a blast. The weapon spawning system is so addicting ("Do I want my SMG to have higher damage, or a chance to shock?"), and like you previously mentioned, having the exp bar in front of you just eggs you on to keep playing. Gearbox has been inspired by all the right aspects from all the right games.

Mitch Krpata said...

I'm starting to believe you just can't have a decent inventory system in a console RPG. It's always a complaint of mine, sometimes to the point of it being a dealbreaker. Trying to compare items in Borderlands can be really trying at times. In fact, I'm actually glad the inventory is so limiting, or else I'd be spending all my time comparing the merits of hundreds of weapons.

SMS said...

I've been trying to figure out all day why my left pointer finger has been sore, then I remembered the five hours of sniping I did last night in Borderlands...

My only complaint is I wish B was the melee weapon, and right stick click was crouch.