Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fairway Solitaire review

You thought you'd heard the last from me about Fairway Solitaire? Fat chance. I reviewed it for the Phoenix, and if you're curious that four-star review equates to a 9.0 in the paper. (Why do the web and the print editions use different scales? Only the Shadow knows.) I am still completely hooked, and as I have about five courses left, that may not last much longer.

Final note on the system stability issues: I emailed Bill Harris to see if he had experienced anything similar, and he said not once. Since upgrading my video drivers, I have had one crash, and again it happened after I quit the game and before the Big Fish games app launched. As a result, I am totally willing to put the blame on the publisher and not the developer.

My apologies for casting aspersions on you, Grey Alien Games. You did good.

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