Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The folly of man

When I tell people that I review video games for the Phoenix, usually they're shocked to find out that the Phoenix runs video game reviews. Their second reaction is something like, "How cool!" Usually, I agree with them. Most of the time it is very cool.

Then there are the times I have to play games like Godzilla Unleashed. It turns out that you literally could not pay me enough to play this game more than two hours.


Reggie Donovan said...

One of these days, you should probably do a definitive "Worst Games I Have Reviewed" list.

Tyler said...

"Smashing buildings and stepping on pedestrians is not good Earth defense" sounds like it should be a line from Dinosaur Comics.

Anonymous said...

Well I personally think that almost all the second parts sucks... including this on of course, it's like the horror, action game fear for pc, the second art sucks.