Wednesday, January 30, 2008 User-Submitted Previews: Turok

I didn't much cotton to the Turok demo, but with the full version shipping, why not take a look and see what our friends over at have to say?

Gamestop user "Turok" provided this unbiased take:
i was blown away when i put in the demo its awsome i played the turoks of the past i like this change of pace they did breaths new life into him the detail in the game is crazy you can tel this a 360 game right here i love the A.I. unlike most people who say they are dumb i disgree with them they are smart a tell there comrades to flank you and they start come from all sides i like the fights with the dinos that alone makes the game worth buying i love pulling out my knife and geting into it with them im impressed so far im looking forward to the full game cant wait my blood is pumping turok rocks

What's it like when your blood is pumping Turok rocks? Is it like passing a kidney stone?

Rnylee seems a little too concerned about the fortunes of Turok retailers:

I've been a Turok fan since the golden days of the N64,but this is by far one of the best in the series.I just got through the demo and it was awesome.It was everything I expected it to be it a must own title dont settle for a rental on the release date go pre-order it and experience Turok like you've never seen him before.

Dollars to donuts Rynlee shares an IP address with Gamestop CEO Richard Fontaine. "Why not pick up some GME shares while you're at it, fellow young people? Free t-shirt with market order!"

Jack Sprat thinks guys like me should sit down and shut up:

i think its stupid that people bash a game before its out because they have a bad experience with the demo. you cant really tell how good a game is until you play the full thing, you cant expect the demo to have everything good that the full game will have

It's true. The reason companies release game demos is so that they can later exceed our low expectations.

But adile98 makes a persuasive case:

I cant wait for this one to come out ive played all 4 of them and they are some of the greatest games ever turok is gunna be awsome and for sure im gunna buy this one i advise all you to do the same


I was on the fence until that third "S."

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Mike said...

Do you get the feeling that "Toruk" never pauses for breath when speaking? That made my head hurt.